Little acts of kindness


A while ago, when I was traveling back to my home by bus I saw an old man sitting by my side, in his hand, he carries a poke full of medicine so, out of wonder I asked, uncle are you all right why are you taking such a handy pack of medicine with you so with the heavy sensation, he told me that he is a heart patient I feel regret for him, But then I asked him is he willing to exchange there seat with me Because I was sitting on the window side. He delicately refused but I feel he was so much happy inside with my little compassion, then he looked at me with such deep emotions I can’t explain in words. that voyage ended in no time.


There is no better thing than to have a productive debate with siblings. whenever I came home. It’s like a routine of mine to hear every single argument of my bros on politics and current affairs. Sometimes, I feel that they have more knowledge than our so-called politicians. I think they are opinion makers of our family. I feel proud of having them in my life. I think one of the purest love is the love between the siblings.


it’s always fascinating for me whenever I visited my grandma’s home. But last time, when I visited her home the health of her was not really good. She was lying in bed. when she heard my voice, she looked at me with his bluer eyes and speak my name with his shuddering voice, she was really happy to see me. I have an in-depth bond with her. I think she was the most exciting, noble, and kind woman I have ever met with. May Allah give her the highest rank in Jannah.




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Ahmad Faraz

Ahmad Faraz

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