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Poor Sanitary conditions of Pakistan

Pakistan is the seventh-worst country in terms of access to basic sanitation, as 42 percent of the population remains without access to basic sanitation. A report by Water Aid says 79 million people lack a decent toilet, while 37 percent have no system for wastewater disposal, which leads to the spread of diseases due to contamination of water and contact with human waste.

As you can see from the figure that people do not have proper ways and ideas about sanitation as well as government pay no attention to this kind of issue and this is one of the major issues of our country. So I am trying to convey my message to all that water is the basic necessity of life while we use water without any care and in return, it goes into waste and for that waste, we don’t have a proper system to dispose of it properly. As well as where I belong there is no underground sewerage system until no lines are there for disposal. There are open lines called (Naali) in Urdu where our sanitary system works.

All our wastewater goes through that drains to the big drain which is also open and which causes pollution for the living people there and there is no proper awareness and govt also paying no attention towards it. It often leaches down to the underground earth and wastewater mixed with the clean drinking water and people are suffering from waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, also hepatitis. So I think it is the major issue of our whole country there is a need to pay proper attention otherwise this may cost us and also our country. It is recorded that 53,000 Pakistani children under five die annually from diarrhea due to poor water and sanitation. Furthermore, it can also cause stunting that currently affects almost 44 percent of children in Pakistan. So there is a need to think about that.

Hence, this is really an alarming situation where we don’t pay any attention. But it’s indirectly an opportunity for business people to fill this gap and provides their services in this matter and create the sanitation service chains in Pakistan so, the goal is to educate the people about this worst situation and also give them a better understanding of profit-making through this decent gap. So, they can take the necessary steps to develop it.



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